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Lose Weight Naturally

How to Lose Weight Naturally
First of all, here in diaita-express.com we hate dieting, in a good way.
All of the diets I've been on over the years have had just one thing in common: soon after I went off the diets, I gained back the weight —and then some. I could almost guarantee an additional five to ten pounds on my frame every time.
It became so defeating that I finally convinced myself I wasn't meant to be thin and gave up on dieting. And that s when I began to lose weight.
Now, before this statement makes any sense to you, you have to understand what dieting was like for me. Chances are, it's a story similar to one of your own.
My weight problems began in college. There, an unlimited supply of rich desserts, meats, and delicious gravies was coupled with hours of studying, doing nothing more strenuous than turning the pages of a book. This combination left me sitting on some hefty assets by sophomore year. Understandably, my self-esteem took a nosedive. Soon, my best "friends" were the sticky buns, sausage sandwiches, and cranberry crunch turned out by the college kitchen staff. I began looking forward to meals the way some people look forward to a long vacation. I loved eating. It was becoming my favorite college pastime.
Late in the school year—around bathing suit season to be exact— reality hit. What I could slip into the year before, I could slip into no longer. I suddenly didn't like the new "me." So, for the lack of anything in the closet, I decided to put on a new resolve: it's time to lose weight!
I'd never had to diet before in my life, so I had no idea what I was in for. Ten pounds is all I need to lose, I thought. No sweat. So I literally starved myself, eating the traditional foods so familiar to dieters—cottage cheese, carrot sticks, grapefruit—anything uninteresting and as little of it as possible. Sure enough, the weight just melted off, and in two weeks time I was happily back at the weight I wanted to be —and back in my old eating habits. In another two weeks I was back at my old weight, too. It was the beginning of a syndrome I now refer to as the "Yo-Yo Method of Girth Control."
I used to believe that if the pounds didn't drop off at the rate of five to ten a week, my "diet" wasn't working. I'd practically starve myself, and before long I was feeling so weak, so deprived, and so unhealthy that when I just couldn't stand it any longer I had every excuse I needed to gorge myself on whatever was handy. In just a few short days, I'd manage to make up for the weeks of denial. I soon weighed more than ever. The clothes wouldn't fit again; the guilt would set in. Another diet of lifeless food. The yo-yo syndrome was in full swing—spinning on ball bearings.

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